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Certification & Security

We take trust very seriously

Weroom is an online community of people searching for a room and people who have an available room. We take trust very seriously at Weroom. We recommend you certify your profile by going through the user verification process. This enables users to communicate in confidence and safety all over the world. By verifying and certifying your profile, you increase user’s trust in your profile by three.
Why certifying...

Identity Document

To increase trust in your profile on Weroom, we strongly recommend you verify your identity by completing the ID verification process with your passport or driving license. Users renting a room and users searching for a room should both verify their identity to ensure a secure booking process.
You can do so by taking a picture of the ID document with your webcam or uploading a .jpg version of the selected ID document. Please note that the verification process can take a few minutes. We recommend you keep your browser page open to be alerted once the process is completed.

Weroom is dedicated to keeping your personal information private – your ID details will never be shared with other users and are securely stored by our trusted partner Jumio.

Email address

This is the first step towards certifying your profile. This enables us to know your email is valid. You can do this by clicking on the link you were sent when you created the account.

Can’t find the email? Check in your spam or request another email to be sent to you.

Your email address will be kept private. Other users will only see that you have valid email.


Verifying your phone number is a huge trust factor for users. Once you’ve entered your phone number, you will receive a code by text. Enter the code in the field below to confirm your phone number.

Don’t worry, your phone number will never be shared with other Weroom users without your prior consent.

LinkedIn account

Connect your Weroom and LinkedIn profiles.

This is secure social way of verifying your profile.

Your LinkedIn account cannot be accessed via Weroom. Other users will only see that you have a valid LinkedIn account.