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The use of cookies

Weroom uses cookies to be able to offer you a more personalised online service. The use of cookies is vital for the operating of the website’s features.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a character string containing information that we transfer on the hard drive of your computer, through your browser, so the website can recognise you. Cookies cannot be used to identify you personally or by name. Usually they include the domain name from where the cookie comes from, the « life expectancy » of the cookie, and a value, that is usually a unique number randomly generated. We also use other technologies such as web beacons, web bug, tags or similar technologies in the same goal.

How do we use cookies?

Cookies can be used in different ways as presented below:

1st category: features cookies

Cookies are used by our website for some features. They can be used to offer you the best browsing experience while you navigate on the website. For example, the « weroom_session » cookie allows us to know if you check the option « Remember me » to log in automatically if you did.

2nd category: performance cookies

These cookies collect anonymous data on the way people use the website. These dates are merged with those of the other users so we can improve the website functioning. For example we use Google Analytics so we can understand how users get on the website and highlight what we can improve. Data stored by these cookies don’t reveal any personal information that could reveal your identity.

3rd category: targeting or advertising cookies

These cookies collect information on the way you navigate to provide you relevant advertising content that could be of interest for you. They memorise the website you went to and share this information with third parties, such as advertiser. We use Google for example that is third-party Partner to provide personalised adds when you visit other websites.

How to handle my cookies?

You can modify the parameters of your browser in order to avoid that cookies be stored on your computer or on your mobile phone without your explicit consent. The help section of your browser should give you details on the way you can manage cookies. These settings won’t prevent ads to show. The advertising will simply be less relevant.

Modifications of the use of cookies

We can modify at all time the use of cookies. If we do make important changes to the use of cookies, we will warn users at their next visit on the website.

It is important to read the Use of cookies carefully. If you don’t wish to agree to the modifications of the use of cookies we won’t be able to provide you our service and you won’t be able to go on our website.