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? What is included in the online booking amount?

The total amount that you disburse for an online reservation includes the first month's rent, the deposit (if requested by the Roomer), the agency fees (if requested), the Weroom's service fees and any applicable taxes.

A/ First month's rent
The first month’s rent is set by the user renting the room and covers a full month period.

B/ Deposit
The user renting out a room through the Weroom booking system may request a security deposit in addition to the first month's rent, however, the deposit is not always included on Weroom. Weroom is not responsible for the deposit return The deposit return is not operated by Weroom. The deposit return needs to be directly agreed with the person renting out the room.

C/ Weroom service fees
The Weroom service fees are applied to each online booking made. The Weroom service fee includes VAT, if that tax applies to you. The Weroom fee is a one-off fee that is charged only when the booking request is confirmed.