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Frequently Asked Questions

? When should I confirm my booking request?

When your booking request is accepted by a Roomer, you will have 24 hours to confirm or decline your booking. You will be notified by email and text message as soon as the Roomer accepted your request as well as 12 hours preceding the end of the deadline.

If, following exchanges you may have had with the roomer, you are satisfied with the offer, take advantage of the 24 hour timeframe to confirm the booking. You can confirm the booking by entering the “Bookings” tab, accessible on your Weroom profile. The total booking amount will be withdrawn at the time of the confirmation but will only be transferred to the Roomer 48 hours following your move-in date unless we receive a valid claim from you.

If you do not confirm or decline within the 24 hour deadline, your request will be automatically confirmed. The total booking amount will then be automatically withdrawn from your account. transferred to the roomer 48 hours after your move-in date if you do not warn us to do otherwise.