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? Why should I save my card details?

When you request a booking on Weroom, if your bank accepts this payment authorisation and the funds are available on the account, an imprint is made.

Saving your card allows you to request several bookings using the same bank imprint. The imprint amount is calculated based on the full booking amount and an additional 10%. The imprint is valid for 7 days. During this timeframe, you can request multiple bookings for amounts inferior or superior to the first booking requested, using only one imprint. When you request several bookings, you maximise your chances of receiving a positive response and finding a room.

If you decide not to save your card details, a new imprint will be requested for every booking request you submit. This could lead to your bank holding the maximum limit of funds available in your account and prevent you from requesting more bookings.

Your card details are encrypted and secured with the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol. The SSL protocol is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between two communicating computer applications. The SSL is a recognised encryption system used by most marketplaces and transactional websites to transmit sensitive information securely (phone numbers, card details). Weroom does not save your full card details. The card details are sent to our third party payment provider securely.