How Weroom works

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How Weroom works

  • 1. List your room

    Sign-up and create your room listing by entering the address and property details, and uploading some photos.

  • 2. Share your room offer

    Spread the word via Email, Facebook, Twitter, Google + or Pinterest.

  • 3. Check your inbox!

    Check your Weroom account for user messages and notifications. Alternatively, you can respond directly via your registered email account. We’ll also match you with recommended user profiles.

  • 4. Check user profiles, get in touch!

    Check potential tenant and flatmate profiles for compatibility, references and interests. Users with a green tick symbol have verified their profile by linking it to their email, phone number or LinkedIn account.

  • 5. Choose your next tenants and flatmates

    Arrange viewings with your favourite prospective tenants and flatmates.

  • These features are available for free.