Avoiding scams

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Staying safe on Weroom

A few tips to ensure your secure experience on Weroom

Weroom is an online community of people searching for a room and people who have an available room. We take trust very seriously at Weroom. We recommend you certify your profile by going through the user verification process. This enables users to communicate in confidence and safety all over the world. By verifying and certifying your profile, you increase user’s trust in your profile by three.
How you can keep yourself safe

Is the room too good to be true? Be aware!

• Is the room ideally located, in a sought-after neighboorhood or in the city centre?
• Is the rent for the room particularly low compared to the average in that location?
• Is the room available to move in straight away?
• Are the photos of the room of high quality?
• Do you feel like you found the dream room deal?

If your answer is yes for at least two of these questions, please dig deeper. This room could be a scam. A typical behaviour from fraudsters is to claim they are abroad. They behave this way to avoid the viewings, but they will ask you to transfer the money. Please be on guard with rooms that seem too good to be true.

Warning too good

Is the person asking for money before arranging a viewing? Exercise caution!

• Is the person you are communicating with asking you to transfer money to book the flat, as a holding deposit ?
• Are they asking you for an international money order, for example with Western Union or MoneyGram?

If your answer is yes, it is likely you are dealing with a fraudster. Unless you are booking through the Weroom system, never transfer money before viewing the room and signing the contract. It is very difficult to track international money orders and almost impossible to retrieve the money so it’s better to be safe rather than sorry.

Warning cash

Is the person insisting on communicating via emails rather than using the Weroom messaging system? Stay safe!

• Is the user offering a room asking you to communicate solely with their personal email address?

The Weroom messaging system is secure and ensures the Weroom team have a history of user messages.
This enables us to quickly identify and block fraudulent users and behaviours.
We recommend you continue discussions through the safe messaging system on Weroom.

Warning message
Please get in touch with us as soon as possible if you come across a user with suspicious behaviour. There are several ways to alert us:

1. Talk to us through the Weroom chat, at the bottom right of any of the website pages
2. Send us an email to support@weroom.com
3. Report the room offer by clicking on the flag icon below the room photos

Have a safe journey on weroom!