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The team

Paris & London

Weroom is a dynamic, passionate and international household with a common goal: to provide the best possible flatsharing experiences. In light of our different backgrounds, lifestyles and origins, we are bound together by the sharing economy at Weroom and beyond, so to speak, we’re pretty much your typical flatshare.

  • Thomas
    Thomas Villeneuve

    CEO & Co-founder

  • Isabelle
    Isabelle George

    CMO & Co-founder

  • Lea
    Léa Brochard

    Product Manager

  • Julien
    Julien Malherbe

    Lead Developer

  • Quentin
    Quentin Le Bras

    Product Designer & Developer

  • Chloe
    Chloé Marienbach

    Business Development

  • Emile
    Emile Ré

    Full Stack Developer

  • Emilie
    Emilie Blum

    Communication Specialist

  • Howard
    Howard Jegado

    Infrastructure Manager & DevOps

  • Jeanne
    Jeanne Laurence Pernice

    Social Media Marketing Manager

  • Marie
    Marie Gatti


  • Philemon
    Philémon Combes

    Front-end Developer

  • Tifanny
    Tiffany Bricknell

    Business Analyst

  • Martin
    Martin Salles

    Full Stack Developer

  • Sophia
    Sophia Djema

    Back Office Assistant